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Tips for the Hot Water Extraction Carpet Cleaning Technique

09/16/2013 Back To Blog

Hot water extraction is a popular method of carpet cleaning in La Habra. It is used by many rug cleaning companies because it tends to get rid of dirt that is hidden deep within the public. If your sofa cleaning company does not offer this option you can always shop around in CA. There is bound to be an upholstery steam clean company out there that is willing to offer this product at a reasonable price.Tips for the Hot Water Extraction Carpet Cleaning Technique

Getting your carpet wet before cleaning

Given the risk of developing mold, most residential carpet cleaning companies are particularly careful not to get the rug too wet. Of course the water damage company will have an altogether different job which is to keep the entire home dry. If you have the right strength and combination of detergents then you will not have to use too much water in order to get them working. If the carpet is too wet during the delivery of carpet cleaning services then it is likely to shrink.

The right shampooing technique for your carpets

If you find that the rug fiber is loose or has lost its adhesiveness then that is a clear sign that there is too much water being used. Insist on quality carpet cleaning services that do not damage your property in any way. Make sure that the carpet or rug has been thoroughly swept before beginning the rest of the procedure. By sweeping you make the fibers stand up and loosen the dirt so that it can be picked up during the steam cleaning process.

Knowing when and how to vacuum clean your carpet

There are instances where a combination of wetting, fabric agitation and vacuuming means that shampoo is not required. This is particularly true if the client does not want to use inorganic materials during the carpet cleaning process. As you vacuum or clean, the larger pieces of furniture should be moved about. This reduces the risk of developing serious dents as you work. There is a grooming tool that is attached to modern vacuuming machines and that is particularly useful in these situations. Everything you need to know is found is in the list of carpet cleaning tips.

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