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Ensuring Carpet Stain Removal

12/16/2014 Back To Blog

Almost all professional carpet cleaning service providers nowadays have effective enough solutions for carpet stain removal. However, not every carpet stain can be eliminated even by the most expensive cleaning solutions available. That’s why it will be helpful for homeowners to have some ideas on what to do to help ensure that carpet stains are eliminated.

First Aid for Stains

Ensuring Carpet Stain RemovalThe key to ensuring successful stain removal is prompt action. Stains should never be allowed to spread and dry. Unlike odor problems, stains are visible so noticing them shouldn’t be difficult. Odor removal solutions can get rid of foul smells even after a long period of time but carpet stains are not as easy to deal with once the stain has dried and penetrated the bottom part of the carpet.

Upon seeing a stain, the first thing to do is to contain it to prevent it from spreading into a bigger unsightly spot. To do this, you need a paper towel, cloth, or whatever absorbent material that can remove the staining substance that still hasn’t penetrated the carpet. Do not scrub or wipe the stain out. The technique to do is called “blotting” or the localized attempt to take a stain out. Depending on the type of stain encountered, you can use either plain water, water and detergent, alcohol, or bleach to carefully remove a stain. In most cases it is impossible to remove a stain with dry carpet cleaning solutions, although there are some blotting products available that allow you to clean stains without leaving moisture on the carpet.

There are specific products touted as professional stain removal solutions that can be used to quickly get rid of stains before they dry up. They may not always work but they are still worth trying. It would be great to have them beforehand especially if you have light colored carpets that stain so easily. The points mentioned above also apply to stain elimination in rug cleaning as well as in upholstery cleaning.

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