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If you don't know how to clean the rugs

find your answers here. We offer excellent ideas about carpet cleaning.

Are you are visiting this section because you have unanswered questions about carpet cleaning? Our FAQ section is designed to save your time by completely discussing the entire details of the industry. We present general questions, but very informative solutions.

Why do I need to leave handmade rugs in the open air?

Handmade rugs are made by natural materials, which need to breathe according to Carpet Cleaning La Habra. That's why they must be occasionally lifted from the floor. Rug cleaning is easier outside because you have the chance to beat rugs or shake them. You can also turn them on the other side and jump over them to remove the dust. Leaving them for a few hours to the fresh air is ideal.

Why must I seal grout on tiles?

Grout cleaning is hard because these parts are usually very dirty. Did you notice how their color is changing over time? This is due to their property to absorb moisture, dirt and dust and in contrast to tile cleaning, which is easy, they are impossible to get cleaned perfectly. Mold will be gathered in the shower or damp places. When you seal them, cleaning will be easy and you won't have to worry about mildew.

Can my carpet shrink after being cleaned?

The risk of the carpet shrinking after cleaning is very low, so long as the carpet is properly installed and of good quality. Inspections are conducted prior to cleaning the carpet, in order to make sure that such problems won’t arise once we begin.

How necessary is it to have my carpet and rugs cleaned?

According to our experts, it is impossible to keep rugs and carpets perfectly clean. Even if they are not used, dust and dirt cling on to the material of the carpet, just as what happens when they are stored in the attic. Carpet cleaning is necessary for its maintenance.

Can spilled sugary drinks cause permanent damage to the carpet?

Most cannot do this. However, if the stains are not removed quickly, sugar can remain stuck in the fibers. In this case, it will trap more dirt and dust particles and the spot will get darker. The texture of the carpet can change as well. If the drink contains powerful coloring agents, they can affect the carpet too.

Is there such thing as cleaning my carpet too often?

No. Carpet cleaning can be done as often as you want to, especially if it is just vacuuming or sweeping. However, unnecessary use of strong detergents can cause wearing out the quality of your carpet. If you wish to wash it more often than regular, make sure you use mild products.

Will hard candy leave a stain on the carpet?

It won’t as long as it is removed quickly. It’s important to prevent it from melting. You can do this by applying ice. Often, it is necessary to trim the fibers to remove the candy. When this is done correctly, the looks of the carpet will remain unchanged.

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